If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

"Although you have many clients, you cared for me. Aside from my braces and rubber bands, you always displayed extra care that I shouldn't have discomfort whatsoever. There is so much to be said but I'll just say "thanks again" for everything else instead" - CG

"When I entered your practice, my mouth was a mess. You fixed and straightened them until they were perfect, nothing less. I know I can trust you when I enter your doors. Many smiles of perfection are works of yours." - MB

"With lots of appreciation, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the great, great work that you have done on my teeth and smile. Your phenomenal work is truly remarkable." - NS

"I'll be forever grateful to you and your staff, for the exceptional work you completed, and for the perfect bite and smile, that I so badly needed." - HG

"Healing is an art when practiced with heart." No dentist we know personifies this more than you, Dr. Schneeweiss. For your exceptional care, we thank you. For your professionalism, we respect you. For your kindness, we revere you. For your devotion, we are indebted to you." - ES and parents

"Thank you for the punctual and professional service that was done in such a calm and pleasant way." - BK